$500M total value staked

Next-gen native restaking

Empower your portfolio with smarter, more efficient staking strategies designed for maximum engagement and retention.

We partner with the best in DeFi

Boost rewards

How re-staking provides superior rewards

With Fox Protocol, stake your ETH and automatically re-stake rewards for compounded returns. Benefit from optimized strategies that ensure your investments are continuously positioned to earn the best possible rewards, maximizing your Ethereum holdings efficiently.

Stake ETH

Stake any amount of your ETH

Natively re-staked

eETH is natively re-staked for additional rewards

Receive eETH

Receive eETH that will earn staking rewards

Maximize rewards

Use your eETH in DeFi to maximize returns

Stake smart

Why re-staking with Fox Protocol?

Maximize your staking and re-staking rewards while maintaining composibility for DeFi applications.

Stake securely

Secure your digital assets with our advanced staking solutions. Enjoy minimized risks through multi-layered security, including hardware wallets, multi-signature protocols, and trusted validators.

Gain exposure

Access emerging tokens and markets to tap into growth opportunities in dynamic investment landscapes.

Retain custody

Retain full control over your assets on our platform, managing investments without relinquishing custody.

Native diversification

Easily diversify your portfolio within our protocol to achieve balance, enhancing stability and reducing risk with streamlined asset allocation.

Antislash tech

Leverage our advanced technology to protect your investments, minimizing the risk of slashing penalties and securing your assets.

© 2024 Fox Protocol. All rights reserved.

© 2024 Fox Protocol. All rights reserved.

© 2024 Fox Protocol. All rights reserved.